All around fabulous person, author, artist and film maker from Dublin, Ireland, Thomas Sheridan on Nox Mente

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What a wonderful time we had with Sheridan! I know I say that a lot and it’s all true as our guests are always interesting people. Sheridan gave us a glimpse into his personal workings (as is the aim and way of our show) and brought some magic to the show for our October “Witchy” fest. A fascinating chat that I hope you enjoy. @jerrycthulhu and I thank everyone for spending time with us talking about the mysterious side of the sphere.

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Thomas is an author, artist and film maker from Dublin, Ireland. He came to international recognition in 2011 with his book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath.

A former rock musician, corporate communication consultant and stand-up comic, Thomas has used his arsenal of past experiences to help both himself and others to navigate the often surreal pathological landscape of mayhem and mysteries - from history to advertising, dogma to deceptions - that we, as a human species, often find ourselves caught within.

You can find Thomas here:

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