The Steem Experience 04 with @whatsup

2년 전

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This is TSE show # 4 (edited from the live stream exclusively for DTube) We had @seablue and @richardcrill as co-hosts and @whatsup as our guest!

The show is live streamed and recorded on Wednesdays at 2pm EST which is 6pm UTC.

Be sure to follow this account: to keep up with the new show every week and find us live on discord by clicking below.

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hgahahah @whatsup and @seablue hgahahahaha Upvoted and resteemed


Yeah, @battleaxe usually co-hosts too!


thanks for the mention, my appt ran way over, wasn't able to make it and was super bummed but great show, back in the saddle againnnn! <3


You so great man @richardcrill


Exceptional experiance on steemit same like you.

Sorry,I am living in village so my internet is not too much fast that's why i am not able to watch this video. Good luck🙂

You are great and reliablea, Hope you are successful and a good post @steemexperience

This post has received a 100.00 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @richardcrill.

I love this interview and Thank you so much for sharing! Also appreciate @whatsup for his contribution :)