Path of Exile Competition by @mattclarke - #3

3년 전

Hello everyone!

Here is my profile: Waterhorse

First of all I'd like to thank @mattclarke for hosting these competitions, and rewarding the winners very generously, both of the competitions so far were amazing! :) Last time I played a dual-wield sunderer slayer, and a Fireball/Vaal Fireball elementalist.  

I'm not sure how will I progress, and what to build (I still have to check the patch notes and mess around a little bit with Path of Building, rip sunder) but I'll probably go for some ranged/totem/trap character. I haven't played too much Solo-Self found yet, only tried it two leagues earlier. It is a totally different experience, since you cannot trade. It makes the whole thing harder, but to be honest I don't really like the way you can trade right now, since it takes a lot time later in leagues, also setting up tabs is pretty annoying. ^^

I'm not really sure if the Delve system will be safe enough to play it constantly, but I'm sure to check it out at least on a 2nd character, because the crafting rewards look insane! End-game will be totally different, however I'm not sure if I will be able to get to it in 3 days.

I wish everyone a great race, and lets hope noone will have an unfair rip :D

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It'll be great to have you back in the game. Let's do this thing :)

Nice another one! Good luck as well :)

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