Path of Exile competition by @mattclarke - Betrayal League

2년 전

The time has come again! New league, and a new awesome race from @mattclarke!
Link to the race details:

My profile: Waterhorse

I have absolutely no idea what to play at the moment, and I'll probably be in a huge disadvantage since the league will only last 24 hours and I'll only get home late evening tomorrow, when I'll have to get at least a bit of sleep :P. For the characters, I'll probably just go with the good ol' duelist, but I might try some caster with the new spells too later on. 

I wish everyone the best, and I hope we'll have as much fun as in the previous ones! 

See you in the Betrayal league, exiles!

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Good luck! I hope you figure it all out and do well! :)


Thank you! :)

It sounds like its going be an epic league to be playing in. I have no idea what that sleep thing is. Is it organic--hehe?

I been trying come up with a name and failing.


I have absolutely no idea what to play and im sleepy as hell right now but i might start a char after it gets patched :D