Path of Exile Delirium League - Competition Entry


Every 3 months I realise that the best thing I can do on Steemit is @mattclarke's competition. Even If i have pretty much 0 time nowadays, it still feels like something I know i shouldn't skip. I really like the fact that this game has a pretty solid player and fanbase over here, and that we keep fighting each other every once in a while. :P

I haven't checked any new patch note/skill yet, and I had a really big break in PoE, so I'm pretty much clueless about the builds and meta. The only thing I saw was that blade burst thingy which looks fairly decent with Blade Vortex and Bladefall, so that might be the skill for me this time. Anyways, there are always a lot of opportunities, and no one knows what kind of stupid idea will pop into my mind in the last seconds. :D

My profile: Waterhorse

I wish you all the best of luck, and stay sane, exiles!

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And another enters. Good to see!

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Always great to have you in the lineup :)

  ·  작년

"Stay sane" -- no promises! xD

😃 Good luck!