Path of Exile Entry for @mattclarke's comp - Metamorph League



Yep, that's in my mind every time I think about the new reveals (Metamorph, Conquerors of the Atlas , PoE 2). There were just so many and so surprising things(SHAPESHIFTING SKILLS IN POE!!!) on the ExileCon stream, that I was totally amazed. Can't wait to see further information about how PoE 2 will play out.

But there is something else to be mindful of at the moment. @mattclarke's comp will be up and running again in the new Metamorph league. The concept looks interesting, I'm curious how it'll affect our competition this time. Mostly I tend to skip almost all league content since I'm rushing all acts, but if it's really worth it, then I might just check it out a few times. :)

My account: Waterhorse)

If you haven't seen the trailers for the new content I suggest you to check them out, they look promising. :)

PoE 2 Trailer
Conquerors of the Atlas Trailer

Good luck exiles, and be careful, Wraeclast is always unexpectable and merciless! :D

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