Path of Exile Incursion League competition entry

3년 전

Hello everyone, it's @gamingchimp here!

I would like to participate in the competition hosted by @mattclarke. (You can find more info about it here:
The last competition was really fun and it went pretty well for me, I could secure the 2nd place which won me 30 SBD. I had a little luck that @cipriang had some unlucky deaths because he was waaay faster than me.  Also, I got the top ranger bounty, (10 SBD) which was given by @buggedout to celebrate his 1500 followers count. [Thanks a lot again :) ]

My account name: Waterhorse

My plans for the Incursion League

I really don't know what to go for yet, since the skill reworks are just so insane that the whole meta is going to be whole different now in my opinion. I might stick to my dual-wield sunderer because it went really well last league, but I'm also thinking about going for some trapper action. I'll start planning today in Path of Building probably, and we'll see which choice is the best for me. 

I'm sure this is gonna be amazing again, I wish all the participants good luck! :)

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Welcome to the competition @GamingChimp! Glad to have you on board. I'm sure it will at least be as intense as the last one, but as far as I see there's more of us and the initial class we will choose will play a big role in the rewards, so that's a tricky thing to take into account.

And yea, hopefully my PC will be able to handle the pressure of Streaming and Mob Density this time around, although I will take that into account myself and play a bit safer. xD


Yeah, thats the reason I'm not streaming the whole gameplay, I would be just way too sad to lose a char because some lag that the stream causes lol :D

I was just looking at the skill reworks the other day. Holy smokes they went to town. I think I’ll need to rethink some passive choices. Least those decisions are more for late game and I don’t’ expect to be high enough level for it to matter. Will be interesting to see how they play out early league. Have fun and good luck as well!

You're my tenth contender, so we're in for a good race :)

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