Damn that's some fine racing, gentlemen.

3년 전

The results are in.
From left to right.

Best Templar - Cryptosenpai - Level 45

Best Shadow - Cipriang - Level 65

Best Marauder - Cryptosenpai - Level 45

Best Scion - Beercake - Level 83

Best Ranger - Cryptosenpai - Level 44

Best Duelist - Gamingchimp - Level 83

Best Witch - Gamingchimp - Level 68

Which means a tie for first place, with @beercake and @gamingchimp sharing the 20 steem for first place overall (The duelist and scion sharing the honour of best character class), as well as the 20 for being the best example of their respective classes.

Total prizes:

Cryptosenpai: 60 STEEM
Gamingchimp: 50 STEEM
Beercake: 30 STEEM
Cipriang: 20 STEEM

This looks uncomfortably familiar

That was great. Genuinely fun.
I watched a lot of streaming and read a lot of posts, and shared in a lot of heartache.
I'd like to congratulate all the competitors on their sportsmanship and dedication.
I love this game, and I love this platform; so seeing them come together so well is deeply satisfying.

Players, what are your thoughts on the tighter timeframe and spread of prize money?
I like the changes, but I'm not at the coal face. Completely open to suggestions for next time.

Condolences to all those who didn't find themselves on the stage today. There were some incredible efforts; but only the good die young, and sometimes the brightest candles burn out the quickest. Special mention to @enjar for some really engaging, top quality progress reports. Some of those screengrabs took nerves of steel to get, I'm sure.

Prize money will be sent now; and I'm throwing in a booster pack of @steemmonsters cards for each of my 11 competitors, as an additional thank you for playing.

Let's do this again in 3 months.

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Congratulations to the winners!

Next league is going be a very welcome sight. I think WoW’s next expo would have released by then and I’ll be needing saving. You would think I’d have the willpower by now to say no but I enjoy farming in that game way too much. I just like to horde ores, gems, and pets.

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the daylights out of softcore PoE and get all my deaths out of the way for next time. So many classes I’m hoping to get around to this time. That if I ever take my eyes off playing Arc Totem.


You've been a fantastic contributor, mate. I love that plan, get the deaths out of the way. Foolproof :)
I'm almost tempted to hand off the running of the comp to a friend so I can compete, myself.




My first epic card-- woot! Thank you.


Nice :) She was my first Epic too.
I actually got a bit silly, aggroed is doing 10 bonus packs if you buy 100, so I did that.
550 cards. One pack had two Legendaries.
They're meant to be 1% chance, but I only got 4, which means I was unlucky overall, but to get two in the one pack is insane.


I'm sure you could always play for a charity. So that way if you win at least someone getting something out of the deal :)

I'm sure some would love the bragging rights of beating you as well. A couple more rounds of this and I think some these guys could try and take on people racing to level 100 each league. They are getting fast!


I do keep an eye out for names I recognize on the notification thingy. First to (area/level) and deaths in the leaderboard. Still remember being online and seeing a level 100 die from position 1 2 leagues back. Massive pain on that one I'm sure.

Thanks again for hosting!
The 3 day format worked quite well, only had to take 1 vacation day. But yes, the top players no-lifed it. At least I did :D I slept actually pretty well but every waking hour was for gaming.
See you all next league!


Yes, its a winning strategy, I think.
Knowing when to get some sleep to keep your reflexes sharp.
That extra 30 mins can so easily cost you everything.
A pleasure to have you back.

Congratulations to the winners ;)
I'm not into gaming, else I would have been the winner ;) :P at least i can hope for :p


Congratulations, abdulmanan on surviving without a single death the entire tournament :)


hahahah Thank you so much :p It is just because of you :p

It is always fun playing this, I'll be coming back for more deaths next time. Maybe pick up some prizes, but I doubt it, those guys on the leader board have way too many hours ingame. The rest of us "mortals" are just there for the lols :)


Yeah, there's some skill out there. We had four winners this time. I think we can get that out to 5 or 6 next time if we get enough entrants.
A guy with mad skills can rush a couple of chars to level 50 fairly quick, and just watch his opponents to see where he needs to invest more time.
If he's twice as good as his opponents, he can win with two characters.
If he's almost twice as good as his opponents he can lose with two characters...

I tried streaming, but it failed. I even recorded my screen at some point but the quality wasn't very good so I didn't upload it.

Thank you for running this competition. Congrats to all of the winners.


You put your hand up, and had a crack at it, mate. That's the important thing. Any feedback for next comp?

Hopefully I'll have time to compete and stream in the next one!


It comes up fast. Get some practice in. Cryptosenpai picked up 20 steem with a level 44 ranger.
You gonna just let that happen?

Cratgrats to the winning participants and you for encouraging this fun competition @mattclarke

I'm not much of a competitor in this crowd, but I enjoy the game. Thanks for putting it on once again @mattclarke

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Looks like a very interesting Contest, and I want to congrats all the winner with the bottom of my heart :)

very much congrets to the winner. And resteeming so all the other can see it. Thanks for posting.


Thanks for the resteem punkblogs.

Race is very large and very distinctive
You've posted a very good article
I wish you all the best