Path of Exile - The 24 hr Hardcore race starts in 4 days. Biggest prize pool yet;

2년 전

With 180 Steem and up to 14K Dark energy crystals up for grabs. Completely free to play.


I'm constantly impressed by the new content these guys are putting up.
Have a look at the trailer for the Legion league.

More league details and countdown timer here - -

This will again be a 24 hour race and I'll be awarding 20 STEEM to the highest ranked character in each class.


There'll be an additional 20 STEEM awarded to the highest level character overall.
If two or more players have evenly leveled characters, the prize will be split evenly.
If a character has died, the level they achieved is irrelevant.
The higher you go, the more you have to lose.
If you're way out in front it may be worth benching your character and starting a backup.

If you're new to the game;
Sign up for a free account and make sure you've unticked the privacy options.
Home tab > My Account > Privacy Settings (on the right hand side of the page)


To enter;

Post your intention to compete, including your account name, using #poecomp as the first tag.

This must be done more than an hour before the league starts or you won't be included.
If your account is set to private you won't be included.

Tell us about yourself. Are you a grizzled veteran, or an eager newcomer?
Will you be dealing physical damage up close and personal, or raising an army of the dead to fight on your behalf?
Will you lay traps, mines and totems to outwit the enemy, or stick 'em with poisoned arrows from a distance?
Are you going to charge headlong into each level, or take it slow and stay alive?
Will you check the other accounts and choose an under-represented character, or forge on with your favourite?

When that timer hits zero you'll want to create a new character.

Make sure you choose the red, Hardcore banner or your char will be softcore; which isn't suitable for grown ups and wins nothing.
Characters must also be Solo Self Found.
It's a tick-box in the character selection area and prevents a character from interacting with the marketplace, so no buying and selling with other players.

If your character dies, that's obviously a setback, but you can start again with somebody new.
It may seem that others have an unassailable lead, but they can die too.
It's quite possible that a mad dash for the finish line may be the undoing of one or many of your competitors. They may have extensive knowledge of the game, but they haven't played this league yet either.

If you're equipped to record and/or stream, please do so.
Use the tag #poecomp when posting. (Assuming you have time to post)
Glorious deaths are bittersweet and better shared.


I'm also offering a couple of bonus prizes this time around.

  • A generous player, @linnyplant has provided an additional 20 Steem for the highest level Witch character. Thank you, Linny :)

  • To celebrate the release of Dark energy crystals in The Splinterlands each player who wins a prize in the race will receive a shipment of 2000 Dark energy crystals.
    (One shipment per account)


We always have a lot of fun with these. If you've never participated, please step up and have a go.
You won't win; but you'll strangle the mouse harder than you ever have before; you'll become hopelessly addicted to the game; and you'll come back as a serious contender in the next one.

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I'm in, and I might even have a go at the Witch again given the extra bonus with it. Though I'd also like to try something different...


Melee has been given a rework, so might be worth a look.
My ice witch was insane; may she rest in peace :(
Stupid Avarius and his stupid lightning damage.


Lightning does always seem to be pretty killer, and Avarius has quite a bit of it. I'm sure your next one will be even better

Don’t forget to start patching almost 11 gigs!

Awww damn, I was too busy with assignments and just finished submitting nearly all of them today and I already got my plans, good luck to all entering though. I hope there are plenty of brutal deaths!

Resteemed for you too mate.

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Just started playing steemmonsters and now I see another interesting battle game. Dayum! I'm slowing getting to be a full time gamer which I've always preached against :)

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Oh my Dark energy crystals. I've shared the link around a little. Hopefully some new faces will join :)

Good battles today in the tournament. It was nice seeing the new summoner in action.

Good luck in the next rounds !


Thankyou. I was bumped straight out of the next round by @anouk.nox.
Stonesplitter Orc wrecked my Unicorn in spectacular fashion :)


Lol, to be honest, I never saw him do that before today.. If so, I would use the card more often.. wonder if I missed out on that card all the time. He was a wrecking ball there :)

step up and have a go....

"you won't win"?? Guess I better step up and have a go then!

The last photo should be the opener, love it :)


Thanks, mate, that's my Evelyn. She's much bigger now.


Oh wow, I didn't recognize her in the light-saber photo but have seen this more recent shot. Time is flying by!

Dang. I just downloaded POE recently and my computer couldn't handle the lag so I had to uninstall. Now I have another reason to be sad.


Sorry, mate. Its an incredible game. Maybe next time :)

I don't have space on my harddrive now to play the game. Anyways, ive resteemed the post so others can join.


Thankyou, mate. Maybe next time. See if you can find some room. It's a pretty fantastic game.

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