2년 전

How many nights, I've counted stars.
How long have I remained in it.
Thoughts that generate questions, that are not answered.
I am paralyzed, my mind flies into the void.

A dawn that delays its arrival.
Producing an enormous restlessness.
There is no sleep on my eyelids, they are full of insomnia.
Their presence has become persistent every night..

The weariness of my being takes hold of me.
Nights that before were full of shooting stars.
The aurora borealis paraded through their carpets.
Moon that illuminated without fail, I seek to fill spaces through books.

There was no silence, only the sound of the wind,
The wind is also muted, it makes itself felt with the strong cold of loneliness.
A night that seeks to be eternal, rain with melancholic melody.
Here I will be waiting for the dawn to arrive.

"image with authorization of use by the author (miena)"


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