Bed time

4년 전

A few evenings ago 'session two o'clock, or possibly it was three,

An elephant with sparkling tusks came pursuing me.

His trunk was wavin' noticeable all around a' spoutin' planes of steam
A' he was out to gobble me up, yet at the same time I didn't shout

Or on the other hand let him see that I was terrified - a superior idea I had,

I just got away from where I was and slithered in bed with father.


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I am curious, is this a memory? Did you ever experience the elephant again? I had a vision of a rhino once. Charging me like he wanted my blood. And then he stopped for once he saw, I knelt in front of him in awe, he scooped up within his tusks, and I flew into the air above. I landed with my feet and then, I turned and bowed. He was my friend. ❤️

Every visions holds a message. How does this one end?