My angel

4년 전

From the minute I came into this world and opened my enormous dark colored eyes,

I realized that I was taking a gander at an Angel, in light of the fact that the heart, it never lies.

Through the majority of life's hard battles, this Angel has dependably been there.

Continually holding tight when the ride got harsh, continually indicating the amount she wants to think about it.

Forever is a steady battle, more now than any time in recent memory.

Much too hard for an Angel, i truly wish I could give her more.

The days, they pass so rapidly, every one speedier than the last.

Be that as it may, we realize that we should go ahead and not harp on slip-ups of the past.

Thus we wander on through this contemptuous world, however my Angel she is constantly quiet.

So I'll take after on constantly together with this Angel that I call mother.


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