Broke Up

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Broke up
Do not break down, the nesting house!
All around, silent people,
Tea chat, on the table of food.
Do not break down, the nest of the bird, the bird's nest
If you have survived, breathe
Rain is coming down from the sky, the bird
Do not get wet, do not get wet
What will be from
Eighty million birds have houses
Small house, big house,
Is this Queen Victoria home?
The birds will be wet in the rain, burn in the sun,
Do not let it, build a new house.
Fools team!
Do not fly in the sky,
The more you fly, the more tired,
Wants to stay in the open sky
Do not stay, make new houses - when there will be no way
All of the hay critters - have to be stored, however
Do not make new houses, why?
The building?
Or will lazy lunch count?
There is no reason to think so
Day going, let's go!
The nested broke - do not break!
Somebody does not go anywhere.

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