Hot Tails (Original Poem/Song)

2년 전

He works a job from nine to five
Doing what he had to to stay alive
Working for a man who calls him lad
When he was twenty-six wasn't as bad
Now he’s forty-five and still at the grind
Wondering what happened to all that time

An original creation! I wrote this gosh maybe a year and half a go now, and have been trying to brave posting since. I am always so reluctant to post things I kinda like, that protective keep it hidden where its safe from the world feeling, so going to stop typing and post before I change my mind again!

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By Pixabay User stocksnap who just keeps adding to their wonderful collection

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Mortipus by Mad Uncle Art Studios

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Gosh was it really that long ago? I remember when you let us read it during an unheard of night out. All I could think at the time was how good it was. It is still an amazing poem! I'm really glad you found the courage to post :)


It was before Jess moved, I could swear it was when we went out before Sara went travelling... so very long ago! Thank you <3 I wonder how mortified the man who inspired it would be if he knew haha

check your discord love <3

You got yourself the makings of great country and western song there, Calluna. A good-ole tear jerker:)


Aww thank you so much, and it is very much a country and western sort of tune this comes out as in my head!

And lovely to hear from you again! And I have just noticed you are back to posting <3 you very much should check out a weekyl haiku contest out every friday over on @bananafish - you would be a very worthy entrant, it alternates english/spanish rounds and i think it is on spanish at the moment, but I know the guy who runs it would be thrilled to have someone with your appreciation for the form entering ;)


Thank you, Calluna. I will check @bananafish out:)

Oh I love this! Really captures the value of the present time. No matter how bleak life has been, if you make it to a state of joy, the bad times recede in importance.


<3 oh thank you so much!! And exactly, no matter how long or dark the path, once you walk in the sun, the shadows disappear behind you <3

Yah, mój Cally posted a poem... FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!!!!~... Anyways, as @gaby-crb said: awesome poem and glad yah found the spirit to post it finally. Anywho, that long for an awesome one like this? What else is in the attic there, want me to pry it open?~ :p Anyhow, nice poem-ing as always and love to see these again!~



Yey thank you so much <3 I don't know, I just horde things sometimes, like a dragon haha i do have few more tucked away, mainly just poems, i think this may have been the only song in there, but I dunno, some things I just like to keep for myself, can't really explain it


Proszę bardzo!!!!~ <<<<3333 Well, yah needn’t explain it any further if yah don’t feel or can’t explain it. I understand yah!~ <3 Also hast thou seen seesladen’s poem that compliments yers?

Just stopping by to let you know that a new We-Write is happening at the Freewrite House. Hope you have time to grab a partner and participate.

Well, that man is lucky his kid let him in after all these years. The remarkable thing is this frequently happens to men who walk out but seldom to women who.

Will share it. I wish you a great weekend.

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It's amazing how with time, people find a way to forgive each other <3 you know I had never thought of that, I wonder why it is, it definitely feels like a trend, i know a fair few people who have got back in touch with long absent fathers as adults, and a few adults who have been the long absent father and got back in touch, but I don't know a single example of that with a mother.

oh gosh thank you so very much, you too! <3


I think men are still allowed to do more shit as women and abandon the whole family. Personally, I know nobody who took the dad who wanted to be free back in and as far as I know it does not infect their lives at all.

I do believe it is a trend to 'forgive' but forgiving is not the same as forgetting plus its hypocrite suddenly to miss them if your own life sucks and you have no place to go.

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I know not how to appreciate this. Country music gets me Everytime. The story telling, the nostalgic even-if-absent-i-still-kinda-hear-it sound...

This is beautiful, it truly is...


Oh this made me so happy, I love it when the tune carries in the words. The story telling is something I love so much about country music, there is something so beautiful in the simplicity of a voice and guitar

thank you <3<3<3

  ·  2년 전

This is so awesome. No surprises though @calluna is art💜


Thank you so much <3 I very much hope I get the pleasure of an entry from you in this round of tell a story to me <3