Not that kinda Phoenix - A Day For Dedications!

9개월 전

They call him the Italian terminator
And not just cos he’ll be back later
He’s got the shades, the style, and the sass
And rumor has it, also the ass

He’s a prophet, a guide, a tesseract in the dark
He steers this great ship fearless of sharks
His is a dedication that comes without rest
There’s a steampunk heart in this captain’s chest

He calls himself @f3nix, that’s part quadratic function
Just don’t mess with him, you won’t get a punch in
He might raise hell with each glass in an endless party
But he’s a proven master of cross-channel karate

And like a true captain he galvanizes the crew
Pushing each one do the best they can do
He sails the high seas, but nay not for the glory
He hunts for the endings to #finishthestory

@theironfelix reminded me of the sheer joy of these dedications with a beautiful reply to the one I did for him all that time ago, and I have been feeling the itch to write this one, especially after seeing the title 'the Italian Terminator'!

This is a poetry dedication, I love LOVE writing these, so if you would be okay with one, let me know below, next up we will have @bananafish (already in the works) and the dear @tygertyger <3<3 but if you would not hate me for writing one of these about you, please give me permission below!

photo Credit taken from Flickr's public domain, as i didn't think @f3nix would appreciate me using his face

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It's .. I miss the adjectives! Thanks for this unexpected gift, Cal! The final verse is so musical and the ass part cracked me up (it's made of steampunk gears like several other parts). Thanks for enriching the Bananafish community with your caring presence! Forgive me perhaps for a dull comment but it happens when I'm overwhelmed with things directed to me that too fantabulous.

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He’s got the shades, the style, and the sass
And rumor has it, also the ass



I love that part too 😂 You write stories? The Bananafish realms would be happy to welcome you!


I do write ficiton but honestly not a fan of chain stories, I need to have my story either be good or suck on my own terms lol. If there are one-off things then I'd be interested.


I get your point. Our contest is just an exercise to train and tingle creativity, however. Then everyone goes back to their blog and produce their good stuff. We have some authors in our discord, some of them pretty skilled and others don't even participate to the contest. If you feel curious, we're there.

Yay!!!!~ Finally the Doc’s called the Terminator! Now I can call him Doc Terminator!!!!~


That was a might dang fine poem/tribute.

sure thing :)