Looking for life

3년 전

Big city flat
In a small balcony
Falling water drops
Chhoma ... Chhum ... Chh ...
Blushing white Jasmine
Are doing the congratulations
Been-roasted fragrance is smelling
Little balcony mine
The city has come
Yes! It is only heaven
In a piece of sky
Flying purple clouds
From the walls of mud flat walls
Ganga-sa, garbage filled with garbage Water.
Image Source
Has started filling on the streets
The city gets wet from this garden
My eyes are blurred
The mind has moved towards the village ...
Where the house ... the hallway ... the courtyard ...
Open Roof ... Open Directions ... Seamless Pathways ...
The whole sky was full
From the dark clouds of savan
The first part of the rain was washed away
Leaves ... farm ... tree ... sirati ...
The dreaded sparrow with me in the rain
Wet feathers dry up on the mound
Rice gram from my palms
Flying in the rainbow sky
Ripe False, Jamun, Mango in the Gardens
The sweetness of the village is settled in the mind
Lives in villages ...
The lives of villages have life ...
Life in the halls of villages ...
A Man Roaming Alone In The Public Sphere
When In Search Of Life Came To The City
She Did Not Know
He Had Left His Life In The Village.

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Great post. Keep posting good stuff friend.

That's a great post. Keep up.

great article i think villages are more peaceful to live

Very nice buddy... great post..

I like the use of the single word cadances!