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"I See You"

I want to hold you dearly
And feel your mighty hand
I want to embrace you tightly
And sense you as I can

Thinking of you every tick of the clock
But time stood still and you seem away
Feeling the pain as being thrown by a rock
Crying a river and taking all the mind-play

Nights remain black
Like wounds leaving scars
Will you ever be back?
‘Till I’m over counting stars

I’m down, hopeless and full of envy
Confused and insecure
Drowning on my own agony
Torturing my mind and feeling impure

Restless soul continue to pray
That one day you’ll hear my wishes
To talk to you and make you stay
To swipe all my worries to trashes

Failing self is kneeling through the ground
Crying over missed and wasted chances
Obscure if I still deserve your love that’s bound
Even if I am breaking into pieces

Still vague is your physical presence
But faith is all that matter
Your love remains perfect in my conscience
Your miracles bring infinite spirit laughter


If only I can see you
And touch your face
If only I can feel you
And caress your embrace

If only I can, but I can’t
I can’t but I will think I can
Your love makes it real in an instant
My hope starts to brighten with all your guiding hand

For all the times that I thought I couldn’t
For all the times that I thought I’m alone
You motivated my soul when I thought I couldn’t
You transformed me into gold from a heart made of stone

My Lord, I believe in you through faith
You will bless my dreams and help me get through
My Lord, I trust your existence and what you create
May your love never fade for I will always see you too

  • Leah Mae Piolen
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