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There is no guarantee
do not promise me you will not go
patience sours and what next?
except for the aftermath of what was
we will try our best
we may fall apart
but just hug me now...

Lets play dumb
enjoy realities pranks
curdle like we are heaven
never say never as never fails
lean on my chest with those unspoken words
far from loves deceptions
as that hug matters more...


Those vows we know baffles me
those strong holds and commitments
millions stick yet failing rhythm
How true can it ever be?
how daft do we ever seem?
to have forgotten factual
that none can love like Christ


Hug me dear
for we have nothing to loose
ignore those excitements that clings
hate,loves door neighbor
the reason for Cane's crime
a readiness to betray a bond
the heart is speechless to this


now you see my take on this
why i love to hug you always
with no words and promises
i always do this in bare truth
hug me always too
every language of it is innocent
for in true hug riddles are solved.


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hugs have the best feeling....man


yeah bro, thanks alot. i just followed Sam kindly follow back

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Awwn this is beautiful.