3년 전

A dream
a frightful dream life is
do not get too comfortable with it
as it is a pleasant fiction

it takes an emperor to govern an empire
but not easy as the tale of life
the easy flow has been poisoned
by the insatiable passion for survival

the irony of life
we fight and die for nothing
displaying our spears as been designed to
with unpredictable returns

life is simple for a soldier
he knows how to decide his end
this death,die he shall
alas honored in burial

but burial!
ironical solace
a trade pattern that all must partake
to borrow and pay a must debt

life can be a virtue when driven to excel
but rush not!
its end blanket is so large
as we all are gladiators to the fight

Nature and its sense of humor
her achievements
not even orisons can amend schedules
for the prize to quit life all must pay


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Very nice poem written and published by you @lumen77

Lovely poem.. I Love the Picture too.


thanks alot