4년 전

Most people question my extent
the y's that remain rhetoric...
that is who i am
what i extreme
may remain your abhor


My passion...
a quest i yearn to discover
you may dislike this dept and love
but primeval knows my nostalgic
and in judgement they do me well


My love for the creature is beyond your 'NO'
a course my zeal has pledged towards
in humility i massage its mystery
to sooth realness and truth
shoving off all doubts and sway

It has been this way from yesterdays
my wonders still glues on their hale
the innocence that baffles my dig
a bestowed attachment from origin
that is yet a lust i lust for

That tenderness...
The sweetness in it all
of that first sight
the genesis of my start
for this adorable loyal friend


little charm...
promising welcome warrior pet
my addiction is to see you sprout proper
a target obvious to achieve
for nefarious humans,dogs beware


Still they question my extent
why i still ignore counsel
but they forget who i have been
why my passion lingers
to this grace i am in debt.

your jungle is home
and in home your loyalty knows no bound
you rage in all defence
to a master you pledged for from birth
to act the best friend that your design destined.

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