3년 전

You glowed from the mountain hill
such beauty marked by the sun
I had no option than to kneel
to the one i promised will bare my son
honestly it was just you and your daily ray
none could have matched the height
you took each space and day
and gave me your all and might

It was on a cold wet day
i cruised down to get us a meal
as usual you had chores scheduled for the day
a routine you never fail to deal
i boasted in the past that no wind could sway
but influence from any close pal could abate
leaving truth easy for the defray
i stooped to what was never in the trait

You nailed every need for worry
the news of envious compliments on the street
that you made sink has kept me so sorry
of this shame that cloths my teeth
a try that i dared has brought another
a daughter and child i earned
from the cold wet day turned mother
a price tag not wished for but earned

Though a proud father to a saddened spouse
selfish outcome from trials but indiscipline
daily she seats caped in solemn grouse
of the times and sacrifices of wasted discipline
but the trouble before now was of tradition
the sun just kissed the moon goodbye
an eclipse that quakes that only notion
why she has handled the price with a cry.


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