Response: I am Done now

3년 전

I am done now..
Tired of disrespect and the insult..

I am exhausted now..
Exhausted of listening what you have done for me when you really didn't..

I am drained now..
Drained of all the hope and expectations I once had from you...

I am frustrated now..
Frustrated of the ways you disrespect me time and time again..

I am suffocated now..
Suffocated of living a false life..

I am wounded now..
Wounded by your every stab to my heart..

You may change after this point when you see me growing but that change doesn't matter now.


I am done now..
Done of hoping love from you when I know I shouldn't..

You may turn into a person that i waited for too long..
that train has left the station now..

Thank you for all you have done to me..
Turning once an emotional man into a robot..

I pray what you want you get but not from me..

I am done from you now.

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