Freewrite late night... Current Mood: Starlight Kisses (piano and bowed glass)

3년 전


I live in a little tree.
I am tiny, like an ant
traveling up and down the trunk,
decorating the bark
with my simple existence,
humming a romantic song
that reminds me of you

Did you know?

You can write a song anytime
by just typing thoughts out
into literal verses like this

You can add dramatic effect


I might center this later
if this text is centered,
then it means I came back later
and centered it.

If it is not centered,
it means I am human and tired.

This poem is dumb, you say?
Needs to be deeper and have a point?

Let me try to maybe, kind of
fix that.

I am consumed by the death
of your last silent breath
as it lingers in front of me,
a dream unrealized

you are an invisible cloak
of unreachable mystery

We are the same, in ways
we both breathe
lonely breaths
mine maybe more alone
than yours

(© paintingangels 2019)

Also, so is that picture of the birds in the tree. Copyright, me.
Also, so is this little piano and bowed glass song..Copyright, me.
It isn't real bowed glass. But it's a pretty decent imitation you can get if you bend the keys.

Love always,


p.s. If you've sent me a message recently via discord or otherwise, or left a comment,like the sweet ones on my last post.. I apologize for not answering. Do you ever get shy to respond to people even though it makes no sense to feel shy? Or in that mood of just feeling awkward? Also, apologies for being so moody in that post. It was a very bad day. Today has been pretty good. I even ate an orange.

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Well...thank you for oranging (yes — I just made that up) yourself on my bday. And for writing things that made me giggle. 👀 I adore you... 💜


Happy birthday, Zippy!


Ohh , Zippy! Happy happy birthday!!!! Belated but❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.. so much love to you!

So, who played the piano? Was it you?


Yep that’s meeee

There is this intense void growing in my life that clearly stems from an intense lack of Serena posts. Hope you're doing okay.