my happiness, my faith existence!

4년 전

I searched in you
my happiness, my faith existence!
You have to help me
My dear love, my friend , my family

I am sad and I am tired,
I am screaming, yet you don't seem to care!
leaning on you is my whole life
Don't go...Help me, my love

I am alone and I am bored,
I am waiting for some truth and dare!
hanging out with you is all i want
Don't go...Be with me my friend

I am broke and I am old,
I am leaning on you all to come near!
someone make an effort and lets unite
Don't go...Let me get my family

Now, when all is gone
No love, no friend , no family!
I searched in me, I found in me
my happiness, my faith existence

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Awesome post... It seems like you know very well how to express :) Keep writing