POEM: Winters on glass

3개월 전

Poured on the browns
Of branches is the thorn

In all honesty, greens and browns also
Rest adorned

Steeping shiny leaves
Shuffling frozen breath

Until ice coats all
Resolutions left


My gifts unwrap me
Nothing could give
Me joy

Like the pleasure
Of gratitude
In all things

In the energy laden
Pulsing ladles
Tilting over my mouth

The excess blessing
Of my moments
Dribble down my chin

Everything I thought could comfort
Is stained with the satisfaction

Knowing the life gift within
The pulmonary paradise

Invisible ice refracted
By soil and skin


Image source: https://unsplash.com/@alexgeerts

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I like it very much, good poem.


Thanks! This is therapy for me.

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Such a great thing you shared today it was enjoyable to read this