Love can bloom, send it again, Baron.

2년 전

Wings cutting through the cloudy wisps.
Slicing apart the veins of this airy world.
My beauties sing, firing sparks across the void.
A frission, petals expand.

Engine kill.
Another one bites the dust.
I'll not be defeated, while this engine keeps twisting.
Angle of full attack, no holding back till the bombs drop.

Talk it up Sir.
You don't give the orders up here.
Things move fast when you are supersonic.
No time for talk when your hands on the stick.

And you are at the limits.

Hummingbirds can float and hover.
But nothing soars like these wings.
Earned every single stripe on them.
The Baron found his love.

And it was writ on the side of the plane.

In every scratch and stamp.
The kiss of the bullet.
The sting of the wind.
That was the only embrace he needed.

Fly into the red Baron.
The line never held you back.
Swing it over one last time.
Before the ground claims you.

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This is definitely one of my favorite efforts by you this week. <3
The hummingbird bit really stood out to me and I love the vision of them floating compared to the soaring of wings.


Really enjoyed this one :)

What a shitpost.

Nietzsche once said:

Humans tend to become the monster they wanna fight. (freely quoted)

;) <3