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The cute and furry little otter,
Lives his life in the water.
There are different species around thirteen,
From Europe to America and in between.
Some may never leave the sea,
Living life quite carefree.
They rest and sleep on their back,
Some Otters like live in a pack.
This pack in water is called a raft,
Air in their fur means they don’t feel a draft,
It keeps them warm in water cold,
To stay together, asleep, hands they do hold.



Their fur is so very thick, that in just a pinch
A million hairs in one square inch.
Grooming keeps their fur water repellent,
And their webbed feet act as a propellant.
All Otters are carnivores,
A rock underarm it stores,
He uses this tool to open a shell,
When dinner nearby it does smell,
To keep his body warm enough,
Twenty five percent of his weight he must stuff
Into his belly, each and every day,
So his often out hunting his prey.
A single pup a sea otter will raise,
Through several months until adult phase.
A Sea Otter can reach nearly two metres long,
Forty-five kilograms in weight and strong.





River Otters live on land and in water,
They build their dens underwater.
Otters are part of the weasel family group,
Each unique in spraint – or poop.
This gives other otters information,
Leaving spraint in a certain location.
Some Otters like to live alone,
Except for a mother with pups of her own.
They play together along the river and beside,
Working and playing to make a slide.
River Otters make an underground den,
Living for years less than ten.





These creatures may look very cute,
But be careful, they can act quite a brute.
It’s best to observe them from afar,
To keep one’s self safe from a scar.



Poem by Sourcherry
Photographs from Pixabay

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I love Otters, they are so cute! I especially love it how they lay on their backs in the water. Your poem is very clever, and full of interesting facts. Great job!


Thank you. I am glad you liked the poem. I think my favourite photograph from above is all of them sleeping on the rock. They are so cute!

A Great learning lesson of the otter through rhyme!

I really liked it, thank you so much for it.
¡Me ha encantado!

Have you published – or, are you publishing a book of your educational poetry? It seems to me it’d be a great gift for older kids… say, third grade and up.

the otters have a very interesting skin, that's why they hunt them, I love animals, i publishes the photos I'm discouraged, because although in my opinion my photos and stories are good, i not can people read them.

me parece excelente toda tu publicacion gracias por compartir te amoooo


Gracias. Me alegro de que te haya gustado.