Finding my way Home

3년 전

In times that things seem dark
I go back to that night

When we aimlessly fell into the sand
of a silent lagoon

We spread out a blanket
and made that shore our bed
so large that we could never reach the edges

But we held each other tight
like we were going to fall off the side.

I had never been so far away
from everything I've known
Things had never been so uncertain

But I was home.

And as I sat there,
with your legs across my lap

I heard you begin to drift off

Your gentle snores in time with crashing waves in the distance.

I looked up.

I was so distracted by the universe
that sat next to me in the sand

I never noticed how many stars
were on the ceiling of our room.

I softly gasped in awe
As they glittered by the millions
uncountable and numerous

And so, so bright.

Laying back
I admired the world
You had placed me in.

As you snuggled close
Half dozing
toes slipping in the sand
as you folded like paper in my arms

Perfection laid there next to me.

We had no walls
and we were so exposed
to the wilds of the world

But I have never felt safer
Than I did

On that shore.

Under all those blazing stars
held tight in sleep's embrace

That is what home will be to me
A feeling I can't replace.


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someone has inspires :)

well i don't know where else to say this so i'll stake it here, im stuck to one post a day and i dont have an account to let it overflow on steemit

minds verified lol ... pay to win

pay to withdraw ... what next ? i thought verification was show me your id and phonenumber

they're doing it again, they're dancing in my head, little distorted figures , making gestures like ... fake smiles and

writing on a blackboard ?


the waving upward like .... do as ...

that's not me
its not helping, is this my brain interpreting someone spiking me with antideps ? something in the water ?

or just remnants from all those who tried and failed at anything but pushing me away

is it the dead who flock to me ... the dead i carry as my broken wings to carry on ?

i think i'm a magnet in thirdspace

i had a weird dream earlier this week ... dead ferrets outside, one was eating its own innards like a cat grooming, a little girl drawing me out by my hand shouting


... i don't have many dreams lately, well i do, i have one, and its been the same for years

if i lose that standard there is nothing to look forward to, nothing less will do

dark enough ? :D


i wish i had a $100 dollar vote ;-) such melancholy, dearie

nice i like your post thank to share with us