Tokyo Rain


There is something you need to know,
Whether it is filled with lies or with truths,
That when you face a fork in the road,
The only one who makes that choice is, you.

I know that you all feel scared,
But what if you could be braver?
I know that you all feel weak,
But what if you could be stronger?

The decisions you will make will always stay,
But you know what, they define of who you are,
Even if the sky is clouded and filled with rain,
Only you could break through and reach afar.

Life is full of challenges,
It may even seem impossible,
But know that they are challenges,
So that in the end, you will beat them!

Your road may be split with left or right,
Just know that you will never stand alone,
Even if the world is full of darkness and light,
Only you can create a path to lead you home.

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