At Last, One of Those Poems That's Stuffed With Fun

2년 전

I know I haven't posted in a while, so here's an absurdity expressed in poetic bounce, for the fun of it, and just for now:


An Absurdity, Expressed in Poetic Bounce

Pregnant with fun.

I was bursting with it.

When they ask "what the f...?"

I always answer: fun!

That's what.

If this were a serious poem,

one with rhythm and rhyme

then the fun to be had

would end here.

But there's fun in the walls,

ceiling to floor the stuff was slathered.

What the fun have they done?

I near broke myself with a giggle.

A whole zeppelin full of fun

had farted riddles in the pudding

before throbbing in a heap by the fun-socket

The pilot had hisself some hair- man, what a mane!

Disgruntled, he'd oinked and he'd grunted.

he'd arrived in a blimp, but then left in a huff

(three dollars for a fun-socket was apparently too much)

Lo and behold, the pilot was broke,

"Three bucks!?" he'd squawked,

"Is this some kind of joke?"

Here's where the poem gets intensely amusing

if you haven't had fun already;

it ends abruptly.


thanks for looking in!

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Wow it has been quite a while. I like the poem. I'm not sure of its meaning but on first pass I interpreted it as the individual having an issue with an electrical circuit or plug (the source of fun) that had to be replaced or fixed. The individual is either buying a new plug or perhaps hiring an electrician. Fixing the source of fun is expensive....hahaha.
I'm probably way off. I'll have to read it again to see if I can interpret it correctly.

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When I read back over it I noticed the same- it seemed to be about electricity. It was really meant as pointless word art tho, so don't try to understand the meaning too hard!


Haha well we humans are pretty much experts at finding patterns in random events. I like your pointless word art though. When I read it a second time I didn't get anything resembling what I first thought. I interpreted it differently. I think I'll stop trying to analyze it hahaha

Hahahaaaa!! Farted riddles in the pudding! Farting in pudding would make bubbles much like the bog of eternal stench I think ;)

Glad you're back my friend!


I have a book that shows a lot of off-the-beaten-path attractions around the world called 'Atlas Obscura'-- I'll check and see if the Bog of Eternal Stench is listed there so I can avoid that location.

Glad to be back, and thanks for resteeming my absurd poetry!


I'm afraid you would have to go to the Goblin City and brave a labyrinth to find that bog- David Bowie in all his blue spandex wonder- if you've not seen The Labyrinth...well, I can't say if you'd enjoy it now, for me it's pure childhood nostalgia!

So it is up to us to continue funning the poem in the comments
Not to abrupt the f... or er fun! LOL


And let the fun be writ
as if one didn't give a