Poemchallenge by @margaretwise poem ONE WORLD TOGETHER ...

3년 전

Maybe it's silly,
Oh maybe it's not well seen,
Steps immersed in absolute carelessness,
Without wanting to reach any destination,
Illustrious memory that absorbs my being,
An immortalized memory of a love,
A field of flowers for the detail,
A hug for our Union,
A caress for missing us,
A toast for a together forever,
A kiss for our love,
And a cozy house for our future.

Maybe it's silly,
Oh maybe it's not well seen anymore,
But I love you,
Little words to describe,
What we feel and flood our being.

Days may pass; months and years,
But that toast will never be forgotten,
People turn walls in front of us,
They just want to isolate one from the other,
But in our cozy house,
A future of Kings awaits us,
Where our love will be the reason of each day,
And your hand is intertwined with mine..


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Andresito ♥ me encanto tu poema


:* te amito

Poetry is the mirror of the soul, the thoughts, the mirror reflection of the heart.

My Congratulations and thank you for taking a break from everyday worries. Poetry arises from a particular sensitivity and from the need to express in a personal way, its relation to the world and to itself in the form of words that purify the soul.

Great writing I am honored @margaretwise