Only Maybe

3년 전

What does loneliness know you on cold nights? What do you know about kissing when you make love to someone who does not love you? What does your coffee taste like in the afternoon? How does life know without me?

And maybe we have to know how to be happy with what little we have or with the people who are there. With the people who write to us to know if we are well, if our day is going well or as another day goes in the same office.

Maybe we have to know how to be happy with the faces of people who are at the time of a coffee, those who teach us to stir the coffee to know that everything in this life is not bitter, you just have to know how to turn it around so you know best. Those hands that help us in the midst of storms.

There will come a time when we may have to accept that many people are no longer here, those people as I once read there:

To those who left without leaving and those who left without saying goodbye.

The time will come when these absences will stop hurting, and the memories will stop mattering. But the past will be that lesson we are going to honor, like those wars we face and we are victorious.

Maybe we should learn to live with how much or what little we have, that includes ourselves.


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