Coffee Without Sugar and Bitter Life

3년 전

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Classic, the morning greeted again
Light kissed the glass window
Eyelids did not want to escape, copulate longer
The body does not seem to want to leave the memories of the beloved bed..

About how I apply for bitter coffee
With a dreadful set of dreams
I do not mean to deny the favors to whom I marry
About bitter is not always bad, that's for sure..

About drugs, but I prefer coffee
They are both bitter, good-hearted
He who does not make you bloated contains
He who accompanied you faces the morning..

File in coffee.jpg

About the gratitude I have to look for endlessly
Closed my eyes many times
The bitter arrest is really delicious
He does not give sugar sick especially liver..

Precisely benefits, making out three times a day
I do not care if it's just a suggestion
To the matchmakers who introduced me to the coffee
He is the coffee, who teaches the bitterness of this life

It's enough for me
Will love that spoiled always
I want to remain grateful to shame
There will still be many people who are shackled compared to me..

It will be bitter life, which I do not think so necessary

To worry too much let you hesitate..

My Nikon.jpg

Shoot By Nikon D750

Creadit by Neoxianfan
Regard Major @neoxian

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