Poetry 365 | Day 352 | Mining For You

9개월 전


I'm mining for the diamonds in your heart
The precious stones are just around the bend
I know that they are there, and that they're very rare
And when I find them there won't be an end.

A rich man is what I'm soon to be
As soon as I see the sparkle on your wall
Hard work doesn't bother me, soon I'll live a life of luxury
As soon as I find one I'll find them all.

Your kiss is a precursor to the rubies
And the emeralds that line your Chambers deep inside.
I've got my trusty pickaxe and a light upon my brow
As soon as I hit paydirt we're gonna hit the town.

Don't think that I don't see potential
In the abandoned mine some other fool ignored.
I've bought the deed and staked my claim
You will never feel the same
With a true prospector at your door.

I'm lighting up the tunnels in your heart now
I'm setting down the track upon your floors.
I'm ready to explore, I'm ready to find more
Of the riches that I know you have in store.

--Stephen Martin, 12/20/19

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