ADSactly Poetry - Every Woman ❤️ (An Original Poem)

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❤️ Every Woman ❤️

While we were making love one night

You gazed into my eyes
Who are you lady, you asked
Much to my surprise
I thought you knew
Never once doubted
That you had noticed
What my actions shouted
I was tempted to lie to you
But that is not to be
I have to tell you
Gods own truth
So I answer in all honesty
I am every woman
It should be plain to see
I'm every woman you ever loved
Hated or in between
I'm all your greatest fantasies
I star in every scene
I'm the third grade teacher
You used to hate
The little girl down the street
That you noticed a bit
Too late
I'm your first and your last wife
I'm the epitome of persistence
I'm the joy in all your nighttimes
And the bane of your existence
I'm every woman
That creature you created
To fill the gaps in your life
And to keep this man child sated

"My ignorance hindered my happiness. So in its place looms loneliness. I dwell solely in the past. My life, my loves, my truth, myself, all long since forgotten. The time was used up so fast."

❤️Real Definition of Love:

The typical understanding of Love is that it is a set of Emotions. But emotion is actually a bodily response. My stage is always that adore may set off emotions of affection & such but it’s not an emotion in itself. It comes from somewhere deeper. It flows from within your soul. It really is something you need to become aware of within yourself in order to connect with it. Only then will you see love permeating all your thoughts, feelings & actions. People who grow up with loving parents, siblings & spouse are able to connect to the enjoy within much a lot more easily. It becomes an almost subconscious process. Once you connect with the enjoy within you & let it guide your thoughts, it is easier for you to be compassionate when you could be hateful. It is easier for you to be kind when you could be angry. That is the real power of adore.

I love "God" very much! I feel without Him I would not have the gift to write, He gave me this gift. I hope that in my writings I can touch a soul, in some form or another." I thank the Lord for all the gifts he has bestowed upon me through my life, and I look towards the future with love, understanding and hope.

Authored by: @marialin

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we were coupled for
forever not
everything was in jeopardy, but this lust was a must
the rest of it pure love?
when did feelings become speculative?

Nice post! could not resist answering back with a short one.

I enjoyed the way you describe the positive and negative attributes of being a woman. I especially love how you contrast a how people desire women, and hating them at the same time.

I equally enjoyed your take on love. You went through the body's chemical response and the emotional feelings

I love your use of contrast in your poetry! Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Really beautiful poem. I don't know how else to describe it for words escape me. Simply put, I love it. Isn't it amazing how poets tell a full story in a few lines? Well done @marialin


Making it short and deep is what i aim for when i write poetry!
Glad you enjoyed it :)

My ignorance hindered my happiness. What beautiful words, as clear and crude as life itself. I hope that my translation will not damage the original information. But love will never have the same concept and that is good. Many just listen to that word only smile while others are lost in an empty look that does not show us the truth of what they feel. Good theme @adsactly


Yes, you are right!
Thanks for the translation :)


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I do not think you are a romantic, and love poetry ,,
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Beautiful poem!


Wow!!!! This is indeed a mindblowing piece @marialin Well done

Engulfed in the pureness of your soul,
I never imagined anything could be so beautiful...
but now
I am in complete peace
for unto me and you...was given all
the depth of feeling that we have shared
as if we became one
Hypnotized by the passion of your deep blue eyes
which were like tunnels of Light and Love,
Life unto Life
Never again shall I experience such a sensation...
I am sure
For such beauty can only
be seen
and felt
Once in an eternity...
As the Sun Explodes

It's a very conversational poem, the rhythms are quite pacy the imageries are mild because it addressed a rather interesting topic the use of words is perfect


people like you motivates me to write more and more!
Thanks allot :)


Certainly you are a good writer

Wow very nice poem i love the lines...beautiful


Great poem, I have so many original poems myself, but I kinda feel like why waste them at this stage.

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Love takes on greater meaning when put into words such as these. Poetry is indeed one of the spices of life. Thanks @adsactly for sharing this.

  ·  2년 전

Truth be told, I read this piece of art several times before making this comment. I enjoyed the way the words were used. I have quite a few favourite lines from them, but I think "my ignorance hindered my happiness" tops the chart. Nicely written, thanks for sharing. You just gained a follow and an upvote from me. Please show me some love. I'm new here and I write poems too. You could check my post out, just maybe you would love it.

His book is very beautiful and wonderful, well done @adsactly

Creating a poem that comes from the heart....totally inspirational. Awesome!

i cant express my feelings very sad love story for me

Very nice very nice creation
Really touching words

I love the line "I star in every scene" and ofc loved the whole poem.
I wrote a poem aswell , but in Hebrew, so i don't think i will ever share it on Steemit, it's too hard to translate.

This is the high quality content making by you for the all lovers.I am really like your this content..just awesome

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I read your article regularly
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thank you so much


"man child" I LOVED THAT.
Would love to know your thoughts on my poem. I am not big on poetry but just recently started dabbling in it myself, so the art is new to me.


Thank you :)
Will be checking out yours in a moment!

Love, like morality, is an abstract concept. There's no set criteria or definition of love or morality.

I alo send u a poem on a perty woman.
Pretty woman, walking down the street Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet Pretty woman I don't believe you, you're not the truth No one could look as good as you Mercy Pretty woman, won't you pardon me? Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see Pretty woman That you look lovely as can be Are you lonely just like me? Wow Pretty woman, stop a while Pretty woman, talk a while Pretty woman, give your smile to me Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah Pretty woman, look my way Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me 'Cause I need you, I'll treat you right Come to me baby, be mine tonight Pretty woman, don't walk on by Pretty woman, don't make me cry Pretty woman, don't walk away, hey... OK If that's the way it must be, OK I guess I'll go on home, it's late There'll be tomorrow night, but wait— What do I see? Is she walking back to me? Yeah, she's walking back to me Oh, oh, pretty woman


this looks like a song lyric :))

This is the high quality content making by you for the all lovers.I am really like your this content..just awesome♡♡♡♡♡♡♡thank you very much@adsactly

Wow! There is so much in this poem. I'm going to have to read it a few more times. You definitely have a gift. Keep sharing!


Read it until you find the depth of each words!
Thanks for reading :)

Wow nice creation of every words it's sound I on in love again hihihihih

  ·  2년 전

Love your poem

Wow! Just wow!

Mi ignorancia obstaculizó mi felicidad. Que bonitas palabras, tan claras y crudas como la vida misma. Espero que mi traducción no dañará la información original. Pero el amor nunca tendrá en mismo concepto y eso es bueno. Muchos con solo escuchar esa palabra solo sonríen mientras que otros se pierden en una mirada vacía que no nos demuestra la verdad de lo que sienten. Buen tema @adsactly

Beautiful poem.
Good form, free flowing with vocabulary that has reference to the context.


·'re such having a soft heart, and such attitude will somehow, inspire others so much...

@adsactly and @marialin - "Every woman" is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of women - you should have had it as a separate post itself by itself.. It's a very meaningful poem.

PS: I just posted an article as a tribute to a woman, my late teacher, today - do check it out too..

beautiful is the most beautiful thing that can happn to true:)

Wow! This is nice

we must appreciate every woman's heart?!!

  ·  2년 전

wow. beautiful post. my big brthar i like & resteem

Such an amazing poem. Beautifully described.

Thanks for the ad!

This is nice

Someday I'll be able to write poetry like this.

Love is a divine mystery from the owner of real and true love

Love is a divine mystery from the owner of real and true love

Awesome writing & attractive post , your post is looking so cool , keep going 👌 @adsactly

Love is beautiful yeah

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Poem for Every woman , written by one strong woman.
Loved your style of writing.
Very original. @originalworks


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Am I being cynical when I say love is just a "prelude to sorrow"? Having a knife run through your heart gives you this perspective.

Great post @adsactly, I like the way you gave a prersonal description below the poem to - brings it to life even more.


Love is one of the gifts that God bestowed to us. God teach us to love. If there is love then there is no evil, there is no war and there is no criminalities.

This is a lovely poem. Loving it so much that I had to read it more than thrice.


It's wonderful. In the heart

i love your poems keep making more

What a heart touching poem! Thank you so much for sharing! This is my third day on steemit and posts like this make me so happy that I joined the steemit community! The steemit community is truly a special community. I am honored to be a part of.

Love is being BEST FRIENDS. I have my parents to thank for my inspiration of what love should be.... 27 years strong and they still are silly in love with eachother! :) so beautiful! eWAAi1.gif

Love the simplicity and beauty of your lines! Following :)

amazing, I really enjoyed thanks..
and yeah..having such a greater perspective of love, is wonderful and precious.. I think feeling love, and falling in love with a woman, is the most complicated and valuable thing in life..I can't understand it clearly, but it deserves ultimate care and respect...

  ·  2년 전

I really love your poem, pretty beautiful!
Your words are simple, but they manage to convey many feelings. You're very talented!
Steem on!
Greetings from Venezuela

This is a really lovely post and the title is great. Kudos to you.

the content is true even though it's just a poem, it resembles true woman.
Thanks for sharing this!


Glad you like it :)

This is deep. Emotions assail but without the supplement of external factors, the positives could be changed to the negatives. Love and emotions are intertwine. The trudge together but it transcends the physical to the ethereal

lovely indeed! congrast;)

Awesome man ....really nice