A Blessed Curse

7개월 전

This bloody organ is yours
If you want it -
I know it's worn and torn,
A little black and charred
But even after all these years
It hasn't been barred.
Though my shield was heavy,
I couldn't bring myself to toss it
For when I did momentarily,
I felt the fire of your eyes
Burning a hole inside of me,
A puncture that only you could cure.
As if I was Cú Chulainn,
You were offering me your aid
And when I denied it,
You left me with curses
Only you could lift.
Then you wandered close
in another guise,
Drawing my eyes
to quench a thirst inside
Little did I know
You were the one
To cure these wounds
under the blazing Sun...


This poem elludes to Irish mythology centered around the goddess, the Morrigan

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