Another Bullshit Note for You

7개월 전

Hate is a very strong word
Not to be used lightly
But I think there's a table
reserved for


I can't even begin to explain
To myself why I have to keep
Wasting energy on the thought of you
But maybe this final
Bullshit poem will snap the last strand
Of the whispers inside my head.

The door is closed.
You can hot box in your prison mind
Until you go blind
With your tears.
I gave you years
And you stole my life
Yet in some way
You granted me a brand new breath

So I guess I'm grateful
For every time I bled.
Even the times I fell to my knees
And cried on the rocks
In the blistering cold
It's all just bullshit in the end
Cuz it doesn't matter anymore.

This last note,
At least I hope,
Is the final message to convey
I don't trust your sly moves
And how you play this game.
I withdraw and lay down my cards
For you to see in all my flaws
In all my glory
As I ascend to places
You'll never touch

You chose your timeline

This gate is locked
And that broken key
Has been thrown into the pits of Hell
To dwell
To swell
To smolder with the Shadows
You turn from


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