Harvest Reflection

7개월 전

I did it again
I promised I wouldn't...
I just wanted my garden
Alive again.
To thrive.
To show the world my harvest.
Did I find a seed
Who refused to sprout?
Perhaps the environment was wrong...
These eyes will bleed
If you don't give them
What they want to see
And as the ground meets my knees
I throw my hands to the sky.
"You win, Universe."
I tried to cocreate with you
But collaboration can be a bitch
When two or more don't agree.
I guess I'm just selfish
So Im sorry
But if honesty is what you ask of me
I'm shattered by these reflections
Of my delusions.
I'm crawling away from this toxic dirt...
Maybe it was never the seed.
Maybe all this time it was me...


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