Maybe it's just a Fire

7개월 전

I'm in love with your smile
Even when it's not for me,
I can see your gaze from miles
But maybe it's just friendly.
I feel like I've ran a mile
As I jump into my worries.

There's a heat betweeen us
when you're close
But perhaps I'm just crazy
So I turn away a little more
To calm the embers inside me.
A chaotic display of an evil play
Of your spell's conjuring.

Bleeding red from all this Truth
Dripping out my heart
So terrified of starting
What could end up falling apart.

I can't begin to speak
When you prefer to leave me on read.
Maybe it's just your anxiety
Or maybe something that I said.
Either way, I cannot see
Through my masochistic tendencies.

See me as I run
Maybe the Gods have lit me on fire
In order to lead you to me


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