don't betray me - poetry

2년 전

hay ... my esteemians friend this time wrote poetry about love, please you read below.



"When the sun creates a ray of suffering" The coldness of the moonlight does not lose to give a happy bias, "When the shade of a tree brings shade means love," why is it that the barren roots invite wounds. "FLOWERS~~~~~~" Feel a blind soul and heart, "So in giving everything in love," But ... why do you ignore the muddle of reason "Even though it hurts faithfulness, you still give a smile." I never understood hard the leaves of your heart are dry, "Should I carve the word pain in every branch and fragile twigs," When you give black spots to love to teach darkness, " can only be silent in the mouth that is silenced until my eyes can only be closed. "Grief that once knocked cannot be forced to open a net that traps the soul in dreams," Because equalizing defeat is not a goal, "I'm just looking for the answer I have asked many times," About the sincere smile on the face of romance wrapped around the beauty of hope. "My soul groans~~~~~~~~" Because your race does not belong to yourself , "My love that I always adore and I crave," But the bitterness must be swallowed. "Because loyalty has been contaminated by h lies lies. "I can only smile even though my heart roared in a wound," I can only laugh even though my soul languishes, "I can only blush when my heart feels torn," Among the pieces of my heart that call in sorrow, "There is a prayer from behind my scream. ..

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