my longing is embraced time - poerty

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hay ... my eSteemians friend this time wrote poetry about love, please you read below.



"In my night scribbled, the rhythm of Shaikh passed without a tone," The beautiful daydream of my love spreads in the beauty of Maya, "When the clatter of the strings does not sound discordant," The soul of my heart in the throbbing heart beat. the guardian fairies" stop the twilight cries of the silent night, "Whisper in the rustle of the sunburned dry leaves," Don't let the love tree wave tempest in the wound on a broken branch. "My heart is as fragrant as jasmine," Arranging longing for endlessness and edge, "In anxious heartburn," I look forward to the longing in the longing full moon. "When the instinct of a heart says in a sense," Give me a time to crochet the soul as beautiful as a pearl, "Want desire apart from the cruel bondage of time," Which dragged the bias in my groan. "Goddess of rainbow flowers of life," Do not let me alone apart from the grasp of destiny and surrender, "In a long howl of inner scream screamed in pain," Like a cry of sad, sad literature. "Not only do the wound characters carve the silence of the soul," the poet blurted out, "There has been a romance story about the blue sea," tucked the tormented mind in the shackles that were untouched by the heart, "Stay now ..."

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