the silence on the morning of Morning has arrived-poetry

2년 전

hi ... esteemians friends on this occasion I will write poems about - the silence on the morning of Morning has arrived - you read below.


Morning has arrived. . . Replace the night that has gone. . . The sound of the singing bird is accompanied by the sun's rays. . . Beautiful and beautiful when heard in the ears. . . I'm awake. . . As if I have been in heaven. . . Time continues to accompany the day with a smile. . . I'm happy with everything I've felt. . . But all disappears when I know you are gone. . . I searched here and there. . . But you can't find me. . . Where do you go, O lover. . . I was tired of waiting for you for a long time, O dear. . . If you hear my shout then reply for the first and the last time. . . Forgive me who still loves you so much. . .

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