Your departure

2년 전

You left when I least expected it, a crude reality that knocks on my door.
You has were leaving a bitter taste, it rains in my heart.
The brightness of my eyes has disappeared, sad my face shows. .
I don't know how to explain the pain that runs all over my body.

I don't know if it's a strong cold that leads me to solitude.
tears in my soul, my thoughts smell of melancholy.
The days have been filled with affliction, there is mourning in the streets.
Silence reigns, fear accompanies it.

A tsunami of negative emotions that drags everything in its path.
To take away all those feelings that made me happy.
I feel like I'm a passenger in a car, a railroad about to derail.
I don't know if I'll get to my next stop and if I do, your memories will be waiting for me

There is no night where I conceive sleep, insomnia rides beside reproach.
Wailing for those lost moments, moments that became gloomy.
No sighs, just a big void.
I entrust this love to destiny, may it pity me, and lead me back to your side..

"image with authorization of use by the author (miena)"


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