Los adolescentes {poesía} | Teenagers {poetry}

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Fotografía de Gabriel Isak. | Photo by Gabriel Isak.

le dije a mamá
«no entiendo a los adolescentes»
respondió que yo era una
no entendí dónde encontró juventud
entre tantos callos que guardan mis manos
atajando dolores lumbares
rodillas torcidas
malhumor inexplicable

le dije a mamá
«no quiero ser adolescente»
respondió que ya era una
no había vuelta atrás afirmaba trastornada
con sus manos sobre mis hombros
y tristeza desbordando sus ojos

cambiar de etapa deja marcas
la pérdida es mayor que la ganancia

le dije a mamá
«no soy adolescente»
respondió aliviada
«gracias a todos los santos»

I told my mom
«I don’t get teenagers»
she told me I was one
I never got where she find youth
among so many calluses that my hands save
catching lumbar pains
crooked knees
unexplainable grouch

I told my mom
«I don’t wanna be a teenager»
she told me I was already one
there was no turning back she assured deranged
with her hands over my shoulders
and sadness flooding her eyes

changing stages leaves scars
loss is bigger than profit

I told my mom
«I’m not a teenager»
she answered in relieve
«thanks to all of my saints»

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I like the progression here, the description of all that is a teenager (in the denial and will to be older) and the contrasting of this relative to the wizened mother and her attempts to both have her child live in the present and, of course, the humor and joy in the end.

Nice piece, thank you for the share.


Oh, you found humor in it? That's unintended but I think is amazing!!! I loved your perception of this poem and I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you for reading!

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Gracias muñeca linda, lo dudo pero aprecio mucho tu amor jajaja

Me gustó la idea y como trataste la temática. Saludos, nos leemos


¡Muchísimas gracias! Un abrazo.

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Thank you so much, what an honor!