Poem - Just a Shrug

3년 전



I cannot stand nor comprehend,
The games that people often play,
That often mean they just pretend,
Like actors all the livelong day.

I would not want to live a lie,
Nor want someone to think it's me,
Smiling while I speechify,
But not speaking with sincerity.

I hope I never come to need,
Approval like an addict's drug,
Ignoring truth because of greed,
And honesty with just a shrug.

The "Be You" image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here:

Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.

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Life is frustrating if you are disappointed with not accepting the pain of life. Some trouble comes to life, which is like the mountain near the small life. Not to be frustrated, patience and time can solve many problems.


You are right, of course. Thanks for sharing that observation.

Genial texto, @bhmcintosh. Hay una madurez en cada uno de tus versos. Lamentablemente vivimos en una sociedad llena de máscaras donde cada quien hace su papel. A veces, por educación, caemos en esos juegos de los que hablas. Y sí, todos deseamos estar siempre sin antifaz, sin otra cara. Ser como somos, sin necesidad de fingir. Lo lograremos? Gracias por estas líneas.


Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos. También estoy de acuerdo en que existe esta pregunta: ¿podremos soltar nuestras máscaras, finalmente?

I try to remember that everyone is doing the best they can and coming at things from different perspectives and with different demands. That said compassion and kindness is something I highly value. I do not like to see these things neglected in the name of excess wealth,


Yes, thanks for sharing these thoughts, P. I like your perspective. I'm sure most of us have had experiences where we were not nearly so compassionate or kind as we might have been. I certainly have. I'm happy that I can still feel embarrassed by them and want to do better. Thanks!


I find compassion breeds itself. We are all human; nature is behind every non-compassionate thing you ever did and not evil. It is a flawed system but some of those flaws prove to be survivals saving grace. Forgiveness is the road to compassion and not judgement. Go easy on yourself and it will make it easier to go easier on other people. Namaste, my friend:)

""I would not want to live a lie,
Nor want someone to think it's me,
Smiling while I speechify,
But not speaking with sincerity.""

Awesome poem...


You are kind, @preety. Thank you!

Believe in yourself..
Awesome poem...


Absolutely! And thanks for your kind words!

  ·  3년 전

Fantastic poem


I am glad you liked it, @paru. Thanks!

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