[Poem - With Recitation] - Reflections on a Star

3년 전


I see you, dot of white starlight,
Nestled deep in night's embrace,
And I know you must be burning bright,
Within the darkened sweep of space.

Did you know this light you shine at me,
These rays you cast into the night,
Would fly through that infinity,
And appear only to my sight?

For no one else's eye is here,
In just this place, watching alone,
To catch the light sent from your sphere,
Though ages past, now shown.

I think you must have known that I,
Circling round some other star,
Would be standing here to turn my eye,
And catch your twinkling from afar.

The "space" image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here:

Thanks for reading and perhaps listening.

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Wow nice poem I really enjoyed it..,IMG_4768.PNG for sharing with us dear@bhmcintosh


You are welcome. And thank you for your kind comment (and the happy face).

Love motivation, wonderful poem!


Thank you very much, @nur.zeneval.

Awesome poem, love from heart :) @bhmcintosh


I appreciate your kind compliment. Thank you!

Each of your poetry lines is a beautiful thing. Where are the poems when you read it, then where are you lost?


Thank you so much for the kind words, @farhad3322. I appreciate them!


I am glad you liked this. Thanks for your comment!

Lovely poem.you always great @bhmcintosh


Well, I do appreciate your kind words. Thank you!


Thank you very much, @tahmida56.

A cosmic love write:):):)


Your comment caused me to look at the poem in a new light. Thank you, P.



  ·  3년 전

Fantastic-- poem. thanks for sharing.


Thank you, @paru!


I appreciate your comment greatly, @shohag.moni. Thank you!


I am glad to hear it, @jcobs. Thank you.