The Great Garbage Wall of America



A mile north and south of the border
A free global dump.
Hell, even charge a minimal fee.
All garbage sent.
A wasteland leeching into the soil below.
Needles and pampers
Fast food garbage and rotten apples
Broken glass and broken dreams,
The ecosystem of dump
Dead birds and methane gas, gases for fueling fires.
Uninhabitable, barely traversable, follow the birds to find those desperate enough to try.

With the money and fuel it produces, invest in air fresheners instead of useless fences.

I know, you’re thinking why not add land mines and nuclear waste, breed super rats with honey badgers or beavers, give them a taste for human flesh... but I’m sorry, you’d need to add a fence and they’d probably want to build one too
Not to protect you from them,
to protect them from you.

Mad mans wall, why not make it madder? Mercury filled Rio Grande.
Filled with boards of unbent nails, disposed of concrete with jagged rebar, car wrecks and bio-hazardous waste. Abortions and uneaten portions.

Mad men getting madder.

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