Poetry Should Speak for Itself

3년 전

If I should write my thoughts in blood,

I wonder what would be the worst:

to have my feelings form a flood

and drown before I quench my thirst,

or watch them thicken into mud ...

and die of numbness first?


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It's actually the first version of the poem I last posted. What do you like about my writing? (Throwing a fishing net for compliments ;))


I have always appreciated your willingness to honestly express yourself through your writing...never feels contrived / pretentious. I am envious of the way you can paint such vivid pictures with your words.

As for the question you pose in your poem, for me personally, I was numb for so many years and it did feel like a form of walking death. I now choose to feel...all of it. I've learned so much finding a way to put those feelings where they belong and am thankful for that...all of it.