A Single Bronze Sandal [Day 29]

3년 전

Bronze Sandals.png

been walking
slower of late

letting eyes linger
like snow in April

keeping pace
with kicked stones,

Sisyphus is not
in my thoughts;

do we inscribe trees
with our dreams

so they may live forever
even when they end,

or we may live forever
even when we end?

voyeur is the feel
less I tap the bark

no wishes in my hand
and no space on the skin,

Alcestis is not
in my thoughts;

a rubberneck flower
turns, lingers on me

jealousy, a bee in my hair,
or maybe I am the sun.

there is a pond
full of tadpoles

waiting to sing
me to sleep,

Endymion is not
in my thoughts;


jump into your local volcano, kids, it's the only way to become a God.

written for @uniwhisp's Carols of Contentment, a continuation of her current Steemotion contest and MSP show which airs Fridays, 8pm UTC.

Written for free-verse poetry maven @d-pend's revolutionary poetry initiative The 100 Day Poetry Challenge [Advanced Group] undertaken for Steemit School where @d-pend will be hosting a daily poetry show at 5 PM GMT.

thank you for the read
@isleofwrite logo design by @PegasusPhysics
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Subtle, and playful too, especially in those first four couplets leading up to the 'invocation' - perhaps anti-invocation would be more exact - of Sisyphus.

keeping pace
with kicked stones,

Hah! The whole piece a very poignant celebration of the mundane and, at first glance, unimportant. I'm sure there's more references going on later in the poem but my knowledge stops at Sisyphus unfortunately..


thank you so much, my friend, I was really happy with how this one came together. It may not look it, but major pieces of this one were such a struggle to find what the piece wanted to be - then I got rid of a large chunk of it and it finally started to find its voice.

All said, just so glad that you enjoyed your read - I love your pieces.


Ah, I know that feeling. The seemingly effortless pieces often take the longest to formulate. Can't count the number of times I thought I finished a poem only to go back and delete like 70% of it...

The effort certainly did not go to waste on this one :)

I learnt a lot about mythological kings and princesses. That's why I like this challenge. So much to learn through others. Shiiiiit thats why i like steemit:)

Keep Steeming on, my friend! Till the end of the challenge

Very nice classically inspired write. I like that idea of a tree being a repository of dreams. Maybe they are:) Nice stuff:)


trees hold so much wisdom, why not to our dreams!

as always, many thanks for the read <3


why not, indeed:)

What is Endymion? Love poetry. Good work. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.


not 'what', but 'who' - Thank you for the read, Joey.

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Good to know what is not in your thoughts.
Can I know what is in your thoughts?
.. wrong way to say it.. wait..

a penny for your thoughts? ;)

I adore the Greek allusion and the idea of trees being a repository of our dreams. Absolutely gorgeous.


Means much and more coming from a writer I think so highly of, Kara, thank you thank you! <3

I enjoyed reading your poem, although i did not fully understand it. LOL!


that you took the time to read it regardless means much and more, good sir. Thank you, z_thank_you.png


I know what you mean. You are so welcome! I enjoy words, so even if the meaning the writer is trying to get across doesn't quite reach me, I still enjoy the flow of the words! :-)

Thanks, I needed this. You feed my spring break soul.
letting eyes linger
like snow in April

This is a lovely poem!

"do we inscribe trees
with our dreams

so they may live forever
even when they end"

these lines particularly stood out to me. The crazy things we humans do to deem our actions justifiable.