Models Hold the Paint for Bus Stop Graffiti Icons [Day 28]

3년 전

Models Hold the Paint for Bus Stop Graffiti Icons.png

Models Hold the Paint for Bus Stop Graffiti Icons

Don't follow fashion
buy something
already out of date.

April 3rd, the note
on a carton of
eggs; a dancing

cartoon fox
fleeces a boy
peering through
a holey grate;

a crate of produce
hides the holy grail
in the corner,


A curd of cheese squeaks like a mouse or
a mouse squeaks like a curd of cheese;
colored eggs rolled across the street
into the sewer

Written for free-verse poetry maven @d-pend's revolutionary poetry initiative The 100 Day Poetry Challenge [Advanced Group] undertaken for Steemit School where @d-pend will be hosting a daily poetry show at 5 PM GMT.

thank you for the read
@isleofwrite logo design by @PegasusPhysics
header photo base is 'Een Busstop mit typisch Graffiti an de Wännen' taken by Michael Sander and is CC3.0

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Haha interesting ode to Easter... I think! Thanks for keeping me guessing as always my friend :)

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

I'm super tired, so all I really got out of this poem was dangerous hipster-ism, but I really tried.
I just sneezed half my brains out.
Much love,